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Our process

We use our behavioral science expertise to create marketing experiences that an audience both understands consciously and “feels” unconsciously.

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We provide business development, marketing, web design, graphic design and web Hosting.

About Us

A fusion of Disciplines

Syntax Information Technology is a full-service consultancy firm with a twist. We use our keen understanding of human behavior to create marketing experiences that are ingenious, insightful, and remarkably effective.
We have blended our design and technology expertise with a third discipline that is virtually unheard of in the design world: behavioral science.

Absolutely Trustworthy

Working with us is so much fun, you might be surprised at how much work we accomplish in so little time.

Speaking of notorious Syntax IT, have you ever heard that designers have a reputation for being a little flaky? Well, we relate because we’ve been there too you know, that sinking feeling that you are totally at the mercy of some guy who “might” get it done if he gets around to it. Well, you won’t find that kind of prima donna act here because we’re zealous about trust. We’re never late or over budget, period. And it’s this kind of rigorous work ethic that helps our clients really shine because their projects always come in on-time, on-budget and on-target. (Imagine that.)


Time and Satisfaction are keys of perfection, perfection is impossible but we are after it.

We Bridge The Gap

There’s an old party game where a group of friends sit in a circle and a whispered message is passed around the circle. At the end of the line, the final person speaks the message aloud. Somehow, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” gets turned into “the snow munching ants flee scrunch.” Which brings us to the golden rule of communication: Message sent isn’t always (or even sometimes) message received. Even with the best of intentions, your message may end up being misinterpreted, confusing, or even laughable.


We’ve made that transition from vision to reality

No matter what your business is, presentation is everything. Your logo, your website, and the way your technology serves your customers is what defines you as a company

Startup Consulting
UI and UX designs
Website design
Designing and implementing corporate identities
Providing website hosting
Developing web applications
Content copy writing and management
Managing established
E-commerce solutions
E-tourism solutions

Our Services

We offer the full spectrum of services to help organizations work better.
No matter your industry, we have a service for you.

Web Design


Efficient and attractive website design and development

Graphic Design


Our designers understand the importance and power of visual communication. 

Digital Marketing


We offer the best online marketing services for businesses of all sizes.

Web Hosting


offers web hosting services to provide your business

Our Works

We partner with our clients to advise them on their online presence or internal
solution needs. However, there is an answer for each client’s unique business,
industry, goals and story.

Our Obligation

We know that satisfaction and long-term good relations are built on mutual trust, which of course, must be earned. This is our highest priority. We offer you a highly-personalized service that we don’t believe can be equaled anywhere.

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